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Our Culture


Characteristics of our work culture

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Growth Mindset

Result Orientation

Employee Recognition
& Development


Employee Health
& Well-being

Corporate Citizen


At VSSL we value long-term association and a relationship of trust and mutual respect based on underlying belief in equality and fairness. The process of continuous learning and development of our people coupled with numerous employee-friendly policies and engagement activities is a unique feature of our people-centric approach that sets us apart from others.


Nurturing talent, providing challenging responsibilities and recognizing potential and rewarding performance is a hallmarks of our policy of human resource development.

Providing a safe work environment and caring for our people’s health and well-being rank very high on our priorities. 

Employee communication channels and open house programmes provide opportunities for our employees to freely share ideas & thoughts.

Our employees are exposed to working on the latest technology and are well versed to use Japanese management tools for bringing continual improvements. Our employees work in a Professional environment and are driven by a clear Vision they are always inspired to reach higher goals.

At VSSL diversity adds to the colour of celebrations of all festivals around the year. We encourage participation in sports, cultural activities, competitions and continuously strive towards excellence.

Working in VSSL brings a sense of pride, respect and joy besides immense opportunities to learn and grow. We provide an environment where you can dream big to fulfil your aspirations. We are not only looking for Leaders but also value team players.

At VSSL we sensitize our employees on their responsibility towards the environment, society and our nation and consciously imbibe these values and thoughts. If you're looking for a workplace where you can grow, learn, and be part of a family of dedicated and like-minded individuals, VSSL is the employer of choice for you. Join us today and be a part of our commitment to excellence.

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