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At VSSL, we produces steel through an Ultra High Power Electric Arc furnace by melting recycled scrap up to 100%. This melting process is energy efficient and allows us to produce liquid steel without the use of fossil fuels. In this process, the generation of carbon emissions is very less as compared to the blast furnace route which aligns us with our sustainability goals. This state-of-the-art facility was designed by Danielle, India has a capacity of 35 MT with eccentric bottom tapping facility for slag-free tapping. It is equipped with advanced technologies such as oxy-fuel burner , automatic electrode regulation system, lance manipulator, lime feeder and oxygen is monitored by Celox.



We have 2 Nos of Ladle refining furnaces which were designed by Inteco (Austria) and Doshi (India) has a capacity of 40 MT each with a ferro-alloy feeding system and wire feeding system. It is equipped with primary and secondary fume extraction systems which makes a dust-free environment on the shop floor for the health and well-being of our workers.



Our VD mechanical pump system supplied by Edwards. This mechanical pump system is more sustainable as compare to steam injector system in terms of safety, less water consumption and no use of fossil fuels. It has quick pump down time and can achieve up to 0.5 mbar for efficient removal of gases. It is also equipped with four strand wire feeder. Calcium treatment also performed for cleanliness of steel which helps in inclusions flotation and modification of morphology of inclusions.



Our CCM is designed by Concast India Limited and features a two-strand billet/bloom caster with a radius of 9/18m. The machine's control logic is automated by Allen-Bradley (USA) , ensuring precise and reliable operation along with data tracking with closed loop control system. The machine also equipped with Mould-EMS, designed by Danieli Rotelec (Italy) which helps to improve surface, sub-surface and internal quality. CCM has many features such as automatic mould level controller by SERT, France, ensures improved surface quality and rigid dummy bar system allows us for fast turnaround times and section change times, while the auto-cutter, also designed by Concast India Limited, enables accurate and efficient cutting of cast steel sections of 160X160 mm,  200x200 mm and 240x260 mm.

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