Acutely emphasizing on total customer focus in all operational areas, Vardhman Special Steels Limited incorporates some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities with equally reliable support facilities . The plant has a well-conceived layout plan with modern material handling facilities, all designed for optimal processing of materials and technology, and efficient utilization of human resources.

VSSL focuses of the following core ideologies:

  • Absolute market orientation for a quick and positive response to customer needs.
  • Uncompromising commitment to flexible, professional and personalized services.
  • Delivery to a consistent standard, competitively and meeting deadlines.
  • Responsive approach to the benefits of R&D and modern technology.
  • Having faith in individual potential and respect for human values.
  • Being a responsible corporate citizen with due respect to laws of the land and environment.

Vardhman's ability to adopt changes in technology is evident in its extensive use of automation and contemporary concepts. The company, dedicated to delivering unmatched quality and value, incorporates state-of-the-art technology for quality control.

In the first phase of quality adherence, process parameters and conditions are developed, which are constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing process. The parameters are repeated within a narrow range from heat to heat. The final produce is then inspected and tested to ensure compliance with the customer's requirement.

In short, appropriate statistical quality control systems and the latest testing facilities are the hallmarks of Vardhman's Quality Assurance Department.

These values underlie the corporate philosophy that has shaped Vardhman of yesterday into the Vardhman of today, and will continue to guide us in the times to come.

VSSL’'s Technology

Vardhman Special Steels Limited incorporates cutting-edge manufacturing technology, ensuring the highest levels of quality and compliance. In addition, the company acknowledges the significance of preserving the environment and therefore, leaves no stone unturned to minimize the carbon footprints of its facilities. VSSL's technical capabilities include:

  • 30MT EAF (UHP-EBT) - GA Danielli, Italy
  • LRF- 30MT Ladle Refining, Twin wire feeding for AI & S
  • Vacuum Degassing Unit- VAI Technometal, Austria/Germany
  • Bloom Caster - Concast Zurich, Switzerland
  • Rolling Mill - Morgradshammer Sweden
  • MFLT and Automatic UST
  • Heat Treatment
  • Bright Bar Shop
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